Every penny goes to the Charities

The shop is entirely run by volunteers - an army of them!
We don't heat the shop because that would take from the money we donate to the charities. We rely on being offered a shop for free in central Norwich by either a kindly person, or a kindly company or estate agent!  0% comes out of the running costs or organising it or setting it up.
Everything, everything goes to the charities!

The ONCCC shop in 2017

can you help? 
We rely on YOU to help us find a shop in central Norwich for 2017.
We will need it from mid-October to mid-December.
Please email us here

Who are we, and what we do

Everyone's a volunteer

Usually the day before opening, volunteers assemble the shelving which has been stored at a volunteers home from last year, and the shelves are then fill, again by volunteers. The whole ethos is that 100% goes to the charities, and any - usually very small - expenses are raised during the year, or given as donations by individuals or companys.

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The Original Norwich Christmas Card Shop has an ongoing committee with a constitution, chairperson, secretary, treasurer etc. During the rest of the year it meets regularly and plans for the next year, but always there is one problem: where will the shop be? We will only know at the last moment whether a particular empty shop will allow us to "pop up" for those all important 8 weeks