Every penny goes to the Charities

The shop is entirely run by volunteers - an army of them!
We rely on being offered a shop for free in central Norwich by either a kindly person, or a kindly company or estate agent!  0% comes out of the running costs for organising it or setting it up.
Everything, everything goes to the charities!

The Shop from outside
Please Note:
The shop is now closed for this year!
Thanks to everyone who helped out,
and all customers!
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2018 Shop Opening with the Bishop of Norwich on 1 November
Everyone's a volunteer

Usually the day before opening, volunteers assemble the shelving which has been stored at a volunteers home from last year, and the shelves are then filled, again by volunteers. The whole ethos is that 100% goes to the charities, and any - usually very small - expenses are raised during the year, or given as donations by individuals or companies - this year we thank  Aviva, Steeles Law & Roche Surveyors for their support.

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Roche Surveyors
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The Original Norwich Christmas Card Shop has an ongoing committee with a constitution, chairperson, secretary, treasurer etc. During the rest of the year it meets regularly and plans for the next year, but always there is one problem: where will the shop be? We will only know at the last moment whether a particular empty shop will allow us to "pop up" for those all important 8 weeks